All But Assured: Erosion of the Dollar, Explosion of Debt

Chart source, Yahoo Finance

A Weak Dollar Diminishes the Value of Existing Debt

Likely, the Federal Reserve knows that this is the only path that they have left available to them, unless they wish to utterly implode the U.S. economy by going the opposite direction, crippling and destroying those who have been forced to take on extraordinary debt levels.

Chart source, Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

In Conclusion: Keep Stacking

In this upside down world, in which the Federal Reserve is openly embracing the creation of debt, the destruction of the U.S. Dollar and thus rising inflation, it should come as no surprise that gold and silver are more vital now than ever.



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Nathan McDonald

Nathan McDonald

Financial journalist with over 10 years of experience. Writing about geopolitics, economics and all things related to precious metals.