Bitcoin Goes Parabolic: Tis the Season for Record Breaking Highs

Tis the Season for Bitcoin

Bitcoin has truly dominated the financial headlines as of the past few months, with CNBC and other financial outlets plugging the crypto currency over and over again.

Chart source, coindesk

Practice Extreme Caution Moving Forward

For those who are new to the Bitcoin space, you may be expecting these gains to continue indefinitely, however, Bitcoin is a fickle lover and what it gives, it rapidly takes away.

Gold and Silver Bullion Continued to be Underappreciated

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s older cousins, gold and silver bullion continue to be foolishly ignored.

Chart source,

In Conclusion

To make any solid predictions on what is going to unfold throughout the course of 2021 is an incredibly difficult task for even the most brilliant of financial minds, however what is almost guaranteed at this point is that 2021 is going to be filled with extreme risk and uncertainty.



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Nathan McDonald

Nathan McDonald

Financial journalist with over 10 years of experience. Writing about geopolitics, economics and all things related to precious metals.