Easy Money, Low Interest Rates to Last for Years

Interest Rates to Remain at Historically Low Levels for Years to Come

Throughout the pandemic, most governments across the world lowered interest rates, a common tactic deployed by Central Bankers in a time of crisis, or economic recession.

Gold and Silver to Benefit from Money Printing and Low Interest Rates

Although gold and silver bullion have suffered from strong resistance in the past few months, after initially spiking much higher in the early days of the pandemic, I have little doubt that strong gains are yet to come.

Chart source, goldprice.org

In Conclusion

Central bankers, governments, and anyone else with their finger on the pulse of the markets knows that we stand on a knife’s edge, with even the slight breeze risking to send the economy crashing down once again.



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Nathan McDonald

Nathan McDonald

Financial journalist with over 10 years of experience. Writing about geopolitics, economics and all things related to precious metals.