The Coming Chaos and the Eruption of Extreme Volatility

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The Increased Anxiety Rooted in COVID-19

One of these ongoing threats and of which can be argued as the root of many of the other problems that are going to ensue in the coming months, is the continued ongoing COVID-19 pandemic threat.

The Mainstream Media Are Once Again Complicit

Local news and the alternative media have largely done a decent job of covering the riots, destruction and protest, calling a spade a spade and an ace and ace, however, as we have seen so many times in the past, the large Mainstream Media outlets are singing a different tune.

Violence in the Streets Will Not Help Win the Election

The November to End all Novembers

The Presidental Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump officially takes place on November 3rd, however, it is largely being speculated by many that the results will not be known that day.

In Conclusion

The fact of the matter is that we have brush fires all across the world, some of which are threatening to become blazing infernos at any moment.



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Nathan McDonald

Nathan McDonald


Financial journalist with over 10 years of experience. Writing about geopolitics, economics and all things related to precious metals.